Anand Prakash has a vast amount of experience working in tech and launching businesses. As head of technology for Verizon’s startup incubator, Catalyst Foundry, he built a faced paced team of engineers and product managers to launch 4 products in the marketplace. He was also responsible for Social features for the launch of Verizon’s streaming service – Go90.
In addition to Verizon, he’s contributed to countless other tech giants – he built the user engagement system for Dropbox which lead to a 10x increase within 3 months. He built Droptalk, which Dropbox eventually acquired. He managed the backend for LinkedIn’s mobile apps for an year and built the biggest social network in India (SMS Gupshup), which went from a weekend project to more than 35 million users.
Other experiences include engineering, product and bizdev for a telecom product in Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and India, launching pilots in Singapore, Bahrain and Sri Lanka, managing a project around building Opensocial apps for LinkedIn groups, crawling a billion pages and building a distributed file system to store them, working on SPAM detection and ranking of the crawled pages, and working with a team of 5 to build the 3rd best search engine in the world in 2005.

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