How to build a business: Team Building and Culture

As you start growing you will soon find that you need to grow your team beyond the founders. It is really critical to hire the right people at this stage of your company.

You want to hire smart people, especially those who can fill your blind spots. When you started your company, you were trying to achieve the lowest common denominator on everything, but you will soon find yourselves going after specialized tasks and you will want to hire specialists for those.

You want to hire A+ people. Because A+ people attract more A+ people. If you start hiring B level people, they will feel insecure and to protect their jobs they will hire C level people. And that would not be good for your business.

While you want to hire the best people, one thing you do not want to compromise on is culture. You want to hire people who are the right fit for the company, people who have good ethics and see this as a long term fit for themselves. You want to be the place where people want to work for the next 10 years. Once you have achieved that, people are not working on short terms focus and instead always thing about the long term success of the company.

There are no perfect people. You have to hire the people satisfying the qualifying criteria on talent and culture and then invest in their future and learning, and make sure they are motivated. This will build loyal employees and ensure long term success of your company.

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